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Boris Nozdrevatyh

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Старший преподаватель Department of Radio Engineering Systems
Address: Tomsk, 47 Vershinina Street, office 406
Phone: (3822) 41-31-74
Campus phone: 2544

B. F. Nozdrevatykh graduated with honors from the radio engineering faculty of TUSUR, majoring in Physics and optical communication technology.
Is the winner of the award of the Legislative Duma of Tomsk oblast (2005), laureate of Tomsk region in education, science and culture (2006).
B. F. Nozdrevatykh is the author of 43 scientific articles, made reports at all-Russian conferences, was awarded certificates for the best reports, and has 1 certificate of official registration of a computer program.
Conducts classes in the courses "Informatics", "Information technologies", "Network information technologies", "database Management", "spacecraft control and control Systems".


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