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Nina Nesmelova

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Associate Professor Department of Radioelectronic Technologies and Environmental Monitoring
Кандидат биологических наук, Доцент
Address: Tomsk, 40 Lenina Prospekt, office 421
Phone: (3822) 51-07-77
Campus phone: 1329

 In 1990 she graduated from Tomsk State University (TSU). Diploma qualification: biologist, teacher of biology and chemistry. Studying at the biological and soil faculty of TSU, she received an additional specialization in computer science, mastered the methods of statistical data processing. In 1991, she received a retraining diploma and the qualification “Practical Psychologist” at Tomsk State Pedagogical University. In 2001, she defended her thesis on normal physiology on the topic "Individual-typological features of the orienting reflex of a person." In 2017, she entered the TUSUR magistracy; in 2019, she received a master's degree in “Applied Mathematics and Computer Science”.

Teaching disciplines: "Psychological aspects of safety", "Labor protection", "Human ecology" and others.
Research interests: differential psychophysiology, educational psychology, labor psychology, safety psychology. The author of more than 100 scientific publications, three monographs and six textbooks.

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