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Aleksandr Golikov

Associate Professor Department of Radio Engineering Systems
Кандидат технических наук, Старший научный сотрудник
Address: Tomsk, 47 Vershinina Street, office 401
Phone: (3822) 41-34-69
Campus phone: 2619

Golikov a.m. associate Professor of the RTS Department, academic degree-candidate of technical Sciences, academic title-senior researcher. Graduated from TUSUR, was assigned to the Department of RTS-engineer and head of the laboratory of communication systems of the Department of RTS. Senior researcher and head of the RTS research Institute laboratory. Responsible executor, Deputy supervisor and supervisor of a number of research projects performed at the RTS research Institute. Director of the Siberian branch of the research Institute of radio-Electronic systems PCHS (SPb GETU-LETI) at TUSUR. Author of more than 100 scientific articles, reports, reports and copyright certificates for inventions. He completed his doctorate. He published 46 scientific manuals, 30 teaching AIDS and 64 work programs on the TUSUR NOP. In 2018 has published a training manual in the national press: Golikov, A. M., Modulation, coding and modeling in telecommunication systems. Theory and practice: a Textbook. - SPb.: LAN publishing house, 2018. - 452 p. ISBN 978-5-8114-2748-2. Eight textbooks by Golikova A. M. are published on the website "University book" Of the electronic library system Of the publishing house "LAN" St. Petersburg. Golikov A. M. he prepared 60 computer lab papers and published them in seven collections on the TUSUR NOP. Golikov A. M. directs the specialization "radio-Electronic information transmission systems" of the specialty "radio-Electronic systems and complexes". Golikov A. M. head of special design Bureau "Wave" of the Department RS. Golikov a.m. is the Chairman of the section "radio-Electronic information transmission systems and means of their protection" of the International STC "Scientific session of TUSUR". For many years of fruitful work on the development and improvement of the educational process, a significant contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists Golikov am awarded a certificate of Honor of the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation.


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