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Artem Kurenkov

Associate Professor Department of History and Social Work
Кандидат исторических наук
Address: Tomsk, 40 Lenina Prospekt, office 221
Phone: (3822) 70-15-99


of Kurenkov Artyom Valerievich

In 2010 he graduated from the Faculty of History of Tomsk State University with a degree in Document Management. In 2013 he defended a dissertation for the degree of candidate of historical sciences.Since 2011 he has been working at the Department of History and Social Work of TUSUR. In 2013‒2014 ‒ assistant, in 2014‒2016 ‒ Senior lecturer, since September 2016 ‒ Associate Professor. Since 2015 he heads the commission of history. He is responsible for the scientific activities of students of the Department of History and Social Work.The area of ​​scientific interests is the social and political history of Russia of the XX century.

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