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Oleg Zhukovskiy

Ведущий научный сотрудник Laboratory of Object-Oriented Simulation of Information Systems
Кандидат технических наук
Address: Tomsk, 74 Vershinina Street, office 405а


1976: Tomsk State University, Applied Mathematics (specialty)

Academic degrees and titles

2001: Senior Researcher, “Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes”

1990: candidate of technical sciences, “Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes”

directions of scientific activity

geographic information systems in the management of technical and social objects, spatial data analysis, organization of the use of big data

Taught disciplines

Information technology and data analysis, Basic information technologies and processes,
Information technology in management, Student research work


2018: certificate of the Ministry of Education

2018: Laureate of the Tomsk Region Prize in Education, Science, Healthcare and Culture

Other positions:


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